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The better question would be why would you want to make it worse? I'd understand if it were for experimental purposes...but anyway,

Yeah, take cold showers, or basically stand outside during the night when the air is cool. And avoid OTC medicines like Dimetapp, or anything else that's useful for treating colds.

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Yes indeed.

I was raised a Baptist and was an enthusiastic and devoted believer until I was almost 25 when I had an epiphany.  I was trudging along my personal Damascus Road when the clouds of illusion parted and the god of reason stuck his head through and said, "Didge, Didge, why persecutest thou me?" … Read more

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There was one where all my teeth were shattered.

I woke up once crying because my mom got sucked up in a tornado. :( 

And one time my sister had gone to Africa and got trampled by wildebeest. When I told my mom she laughed and said it was like "the lion king", but I … Read more