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-Dear Myself is beautiful, you'll love it, Roy.. It's my personal favorite.

Dear Myself,

I love his smile so I want him always to be smiling.

-Same Cell Organism. It's a collection of beautiful yaoi stories. (I don't care much for the angel one.)

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Of course not.  Blaming TV is just a way to shift responsibility to someone else- to not take responsibility for our own actions.  In Europe and Asia their TV is not censored as much as ours is, and they have less violence in general. 

Similarly, millions of people play violent video games like Call of … Read more

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Saying that there are chemicals in our food that increases our violent impulses makes more sense than saying television leads to violence. Television just makes people lazy. Questioning morals and previously held beliefs is what has made some people more violent. They've questioned it to the part where they no longer care.