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Teachers never fail for no reason. They have people who oversee what they teach.

If you failed it's because you did not meet the requirements for a passing grade. It is your responsibility to always know what those requirements are AND to always know your status and grade. If you had known earlier you could have … Read more

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Maybe if you don't understand her class which cause you to fail ask her for afternoon tutoring session or you should study more and pay more attention in class to do better on the next test.

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To improve your reading skill, you should prepare. The more vocabulary the better,

1. Start with a short, and easy paragraph
2. Don't read long and difficult articles
3. Try to understand all paragraph or article
4. Write down new words and learn them
5. Answer the questions about the paragraph or articles if available
6. … Read more

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Never watch Catfish or the Dr. Phil show either. I looked up Tracie Barber and sure didn't see any big deal about her. A lot of people don't care about negative attention. I think you should turn that TV off and find something else to keep you busy instead !