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Seeing your child and paying child support are 2 different subjects, and have nothing to do with each other. Pay your child support and quit whining about it. I paid it for years and didn't miss but one payment due to the state not taking it. I paid it in the end when my kids … Read more

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Why in the world would you think 'seeing' the child has ANYTHING to do with the obligation to pay support?  Paying child support is required to pay to SUPPORT a child, whether that child was 'planned' or not. 

The non custodial parent is obligated to pay, and rightly so. Why would a non custodial parent … Read more

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There isn't a BEST way. If you stop paying they will eventually find you.

You realize that by not paying you are hurting the child, right? Is that what you want? By stressing out the other parent by not paying, you know that you are making life more difficult for the child. Why would you do … Read more