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As Zayne says, it depends on the job.  My father bought a new lawnmower after I finished the 6th grade.  He paid for the first gallon of gas each year, a can of oil each year, and had it serviced including blade sharpened each year.  That was to pay for the mowing of our lawn.  … Read more

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For me, I find that quiet time to analyze and plan is needed.  I'm careful not to allow myself to get mired in unproductive thoughts.

I also look to people who face similar adversity for inspiration.  As a matter of fact, I recently did that here on Blurtit.  I had a very nice conversation about overcoming … Read more

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A forced positive attitude. Look around you, find one thing that is a good thing in your life. Sit on that until it makes you smile. Do that over and over.

Realize it will get better. You don't know when but it will get better.

Help someone. Helping another will get your mind off of your … Read more