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Hi there! The main advantage that I know about is that it makes the room nice and cool when it’s hot and uncomfortable to be in. It’s all about comfort to be frank, especially if you are set to be stuck inside for long hours, in summer. Offices make good use of the air conditioning … Read more

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These systems are used to keep the temperature normal because of its cooling process. Three are so many benefits and advantages associated with these systems. They have the capability of controlling humidity in the temperature while cooling down the air. They also provide satisfactory and adequate freshening and ventilation. There are certain superstitions regarding air … Read more
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I say to people with pets the same thing I say to people with kids - if you can't afford them (food, housing, clothing as necessary, medical care when required) don't have them.

Take your cat to the vet or you will see it die. My sympathies lie with your cat.

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It could be so many things.  He must have water if not food.  Even if you have to bottle feed it to him.  Also you can give him kitten formula  or even baby formula .  

It makes a good meal replacer and is full of nutrients and vitamins your kitty needs.  Also pedialite or even Gatorade  … Read more