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The answer is long, however I can give you the name of the book where you can find this. Huma Naz Sethi on page 23 ( Economic Activities in the Indus Plain) and page 24 ( under the table). The question is alson given on pg 26 qs 6.

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The EIC had several reasons to become involved in the subcontinent. The main reason being a desire to establish trading bases for spice. In the East Indies, the Dutch had won control and wouldn't share so the EIC saw it as an alternative.   The subcontinent was abundant not only in spices but in silks … Read more
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The merchants of East India Company were hoping spice trade in the East Indies (Malaya and Indonesia) but Dutch had won the control of spice trade over there and would not let any other European power share it. Therefore, the EIC turned their attention towards Subcontinent. The reasons mentioned above are also correct. :D