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Whilst borrowing money in the form of loans due on your payday is generally a lot easier if you have a credit card account, it is nevertheless possible to obtain them with just a debit card account. The thing to remember is that, in some cases, it will be necessary for you to provide some … Read more
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Being overweight has more to do with the eating habits you've developed than whether or not  your parents are overweight.

Regardless, here are some tips that will help you and anyone else reading this lose some weight:

-Get rid of all the junk food from the house....out of sight out of mind.  You especially need to do … Read more

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Yo I'm just turned twelve and I weigh 140. When I stepped ont that scale I thought it was broken. You might have a low metabolism like me. You should just eat LOTS of fruits and drink water. Exercize by running up and down the stairs or do sit ups. Try a push once in … Read more