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It is very sad to see people hurt and killed, the world has really become unsafe for all of us, the Bible shows that we are living in the last days 2 Timothy 3:1-5, and soon God has promised to remove all traces of wickedness from the earth. Psalms 37:9--11 . Then every one will … Read more

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Hey, you are an adult.  Study what you want.  Practicing medicine is something that requires love of the craft more than any other job.  Are your parents forcing you to do this for status reasons? This is your life, not theirs.

Good luck.

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Disappointment happens.  Dad's a big boy.  Grown ups can deal with disappointment.  You need to do what is best or right for you.  You cant live your entire life to please your parents.  My dad wanted me and both my sisters to be accomplished musicians.  We all had years of piano lessons and band.  Not … Read more