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For the most part, I find it sad and horribly disturbing. I cannot understand, and hope I never find out, how someone can be so desperate that they think that killing themselves would ever be an answer for anything. 

The only time I can see anyone wanting to commit suicide would be if they were … Read more

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Depending on the amount of money I actually win, I'd set aside the money for things I want (trinkets, gadgets, etc.) and need (such as for college, and other future necessities). In all honesty, donating a portion of it to charity or other foundations would merely be a prolonged thought, but I really don't think … Read more

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I'd probably store it in the bank first then systematically work out what I need/want to do with the amount. This can range from buying a new guitar to finishing off my boxed wrestling figure collection and also donating some of the money to a worthy cause. Of course at first I wouldn't go out … Read more