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I literally got finished with a ravaging game of DayZ. I was searching an underground nuclear bunker in a military base on the island of Namalsk. This base was the site for a new super-weapon that the Russians were experimenting on, dubbed Object A2. The weapon had backfired; killing off the population and starting the … Read more

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It depends! Not every Saturday night turns out the same! But my cleaning part usually is on Saturday and mostly i start in the morning instead of the night!

-Cleaning the house using vacuum cleaner

-Brush dust using cleaning brushes

-Using one wet cleaning paper and a dry cleaning paper on surfaces to wash and … Read more

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I lost a son to suicide. It's devastating and it takes a long time for the survivors to recover.

But what of the person who suicides? There's no point blaming them for they have reached a level of despair when rational thought no longer exists. They are, temporarily at least, unable to conceive that anything … Read more

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I think unless you've been personally touched by suicide you don't know. Further I think those personally touched each have their own personal journey that brought them to their feelings that they are expressing. It is a tragedy for all who are left behind. How one picks up those pieces and survives a tragedy of … Read more