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Not a direct answer to your question, but two of my sons, in an Australia-first, launched their hang gliders from the bottom of a hot air balloon at a town called Canowindra.

A couple of friends joined them and the balloons made very rapid descents to pick up the next hang glider and take … Read more
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An aircraft takes off or lands into the wind, it gives them the ability to be traveling slower relative to the ground and still have lift. Suppose a small aircraft has a stall airspeed, or the speed below which it doesn't produce enough lift to stay aloft, of 50mph. If it comes in for a … Read more

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So many things

- I'm thankful for having a wonderful mother

- For so many great friends that i have regardless of their physical existence or virtual form. At the end to me, what counts is heart. I care about my virtual friends as the same level as those that i hang with physically. Some … Read more