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Anonymous.....You are a very fortunate young person that has parents that care about not only your well being but your safety as well.  Your parents have a strong desire to protect you.  Love moves them to say yes when they can but no when they have to  When you ask their permission to do something, … Read more

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You're his daughter and he wants to protect you. You're growing up to be a woman. It scares him a little. Instead of getting into a head-to-head battle over this kind of thing, think about what would ease his mind about the situation and address that.

Is he worried about you going on a date alone? … Read more

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Truly protective dads get a bum rap. Yes, unfortunately many dads do go over board. I did on many an occasion.  Dads for one thing used to be "teen boys", they remember all the things they thought about and perhaps never did. But they also remember what happened to girls who went with the wrong … Read more