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There is no evidence for a "world wide" flood, but there are many places where the entire landscape changed due to floods. Walt brings up two good examples. The area we now know as the Mediterranean sea at one time was dry land, then the straits of Gibraltar opened up and created the sea we … Read more

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A world-wide flood?  No

A flood that was so bad it was passed down in oral stories of multiple cultures, until it was written down?  Sure.  There are multiple possibilities of tsunamis that wiped out early settlements.  IMO, the most likely in the MidEast being the collapse of the separation of the Black and Mediterranean Seas … Read more

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Expanding on Aaliyah Mcgowan's answer, truth or dare would work. Get a few friends to play and tell them your plan so they can help set the tone of the game and ask some similar question. You should wait to get a few rounds into the game so she doesn't suspect anything.

Good luck :)