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The purpose of unions is to protect the rights of the workers from unfair or illegal demands of employers.

There are pros and cons to the system, of course.  I worked in college in a union company, and I've worked in plenty of nonunion jobs.  At the union position you're protected from unreasonable firings (and can't … Read more

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Sometimes they work well and sometimes they don't. Kind of depends on who's running them. I think the "Union" system is becoming outdated but a lot of people get pensions because of Unions. So there is good and bad.

The purpose of a union is basically to protect the "rights" of an employee and make … Read more

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If your dog isn’t eating and you have not seen your vet, there is a chance that they may be experiencing a serious illness that can’t be treated such as cancer. At this difficult time, your priorities can be to ensure that you do the best by your dog during an emotional and upsetting period … Read more
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A dog can survive for quite a while without food but it depends on their health and physical condition before the period of starvation. It is said that they can go without food for about three or four weeks without access to food. Thus they can survive for a longer period than human. But food … Read more