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Angela is correct - an apology is a good start (altho possible the othe rparty should be also apoligizing).  I just reconnedted with a friend/co-worker I hadn;t talked to in 30 years.  We connected just as tho there had been no break at all.  It was worth the effort and the aploogy. 

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I 3rd Angela, If you are reknotting old ties I would start with an apology and then finish with something that is not demanding, expecting, or forthcoming. "Sorry I haven't been in contact, if you ever want write me feel free to send me a reply."

All you need to construct this is a simple "long … Read more

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Muscle weighs more than fat. I'm 5ft 6in and weigh 12st 10, I have lost almost 4 stones now and finally feel really good about myself. I am a UK size 14, eat healthily and exercise vigorously 5 times a week, including running 10 miles every Sunday. I feel if I lost anymore than a … Read more