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Let's look at the both sides of this topic.

If I had my parents both working, being an only child wouldn't be a problem in this modern world of technology but if that's happen in like 20th century then that'd be a problem.

Now whatever world it is , it is always good to have siblings, and … Read more

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I have an elder brother. He is like an idol and inspiration for me. He guides me whenever I meet with any trouble.He always helps me out even when he is busy at work. I have a lot of respect for him.

We make plans for holiday when he gets a day off and make that … Read more

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Only child because I'm already used to it and so far it's worked out pretty alright because I have most of my parents' attention and I still have a lot of relatives (who are mostly cousins). 

Sometimes I have problems that literally require immediate attention from people and it would be pretty hard to get that … Read more