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Don't be so afraid to speak to him face-to-face. If you look at this in another light - if you never want to speak to anyone face-to-face because you might be embarrassed or whatever - you will never learn how to do it.

Practice what you would say - at home, in your bedroom - and … Read more

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A program is a set of instructions written by an individual in a programming language to perform a particular task,whereas Software is a set of program that is basically known as coding  of software ,for a group of user and written by a group to execute a  big task in a less time.
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A GOOD QUESTION. SOFTWARE is a collection of some programmes which is designed for specific task to be done.while the programme is a set of instruction written in a comp understood language to do a specific work. Ex: Calci is a software and the instructions written to add two numbers is a programme.but calci has … Read more