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I think any normal man who said he found only one woman attractive would be lying -- to his partner, certainly, and probably to himself.

There's nothing wrong with finding another woman attractive. How could there be? Beauty gives pleasure to everybody. Even that evangelical zealot, C.S.Lewis, acknowledged it in A Confession. Among the things … Read more

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Probably not.  Men are men, women are women, and humans are humans.  

There is a difference between 'finding someone attractive' and being attracted to' people.  If you are claiming you don't find a single other man handsome and nice to look at you are deceiving yourself.  Finding someone attractive is an appreciationRead more

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Tourism has many characters. There Are  5 Characteristic Of Tourism. Such as:

1. Tourism is a combination of relationships and phenomena.

2. It is dynamic.

3. The destination and sleeping location are outside of one's place of residence and work.

4. The move to the destination is short term and temporary in which the intention is to … Read more