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There are a bunch of sites out there that host SNES and classic Nintendo games. http://www.snesfun.com/ is one example.

Often you'll find that the games shouldn't be hosted on the site because the correct licenses and permissions aren't in order... In this case there's a good chance the site will get closed … Read more

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No one finds only one person attractive. I will even make comments about women and ask if he agrees. Like if someone starts dating someone new I will ask, "Isn't Joe's new girlfriend pretty?" Sometimes he agrees and sometimes he won't. I don't care if he thinks someone is attractive. I am secure in our … Read more

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Honestly, I have been with my fiancee for over 6 years now (we dated for a while before we got engaged) and I cannot find any woman attractive now. I mean do not look at them that way. I am very happy with the relationship I am in and I do not see anyone but … Read more