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I am curious to know what you deem 'too long' to split?

THAT isn't even logical .. There IS no reason to endure any level of abusive behaviour from a husband, never mind a boyfriend without saying something.

There are many words to use .. And I am sure you know them all .. You just have … Read more

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If your boyfriend treats you badly its never too late to split up. You don't stay with someone who treats you badly just because of time. Maybe he is ready to be out of the relationship too and doesn't know how to end it so he is trying to force it.  Either way you're both … Read more

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There are a bunch of sites out there that host SNES and classic Nintendo games. is one example.

Often you'll find that the games shouldn't be hosted on the site because the correct licenses and permissions aren't in order... In this case there's a good chance the site will get closed … Read more