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You really don't see why he would be angry? While you are carrying the baby, he is the reason you are carrying it. It is his child too.

Take a day or two and think about all the possibilties. Plenty of women go to school while pregnant and having babies. If you don't want to … Read more

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If you haven't sat down with him already, now would be the time to talk about this and see what his thoughts are in regards to this pregnancy. Abortion, adoption and keeping the baby are all options that should be explored.

Abortion is such a touchy subject anyway and for you to just blurt … Read more

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Opportunity cost in decision making especially in business decision making is quite important. This forms the basis of making a decision where monetary cost of the losses can be measured if we choose one option over another. Generally a decision maker will go in with the option that  has a lesser loss in terms of … Read more