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As I've started making dinner tonight...not tons of goes.  Sautéed mushrooms (1) , pan seared fillet mignon (2), eggs, 2 per fillet) cooked sunny side up (3).  Of course you'll need cooking fat (butter, evoo, what ever you use) and seasoning to your taste. 

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(1) Bake your favorite boxed yellow cake mix according to directions in 9 by 12 inch cake pan.

(2) While cake is baking, mix together well in a bowl  *one can Cream of Coconut and  *one can of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk.

(3) When cake is done, take out of oven and gently poke lots … Read more

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Back when I used to make butter, I used a quart jar, but that would depend on how much you want to make at a time. I would put around a pint or more of aged cream in the jar, place the lid on tightly and start shaking it, after a good amount of time, … Read more