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As far as answering your question , you need to understand the biological portion of a woman producing milk.

You can't compare women to cows.  Women make enough milk for their baby, and they can even make enough for twins if necessary. But then they need to also stop nursing throughout the day to … Read more

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As Annabelle points  out the practiclness of it is not there. Humans do not make enough milk to mass produce it, and it would more like slavery to produce it. Cows produce sometime 2-3 gallons of milk each, twice a day and there are literally millions of cattle across the USA to produce enough milk … Read more

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Usually a sign they need their anal glands expressed. There are glands back there that they used before they were domesticated that they no longer use. Most small dogs and even many larger ones need to have their anal glands regularly expressed by their veterinarian or most groomer's do so as well (the bath is … Read more