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The reasons are legion. If I was crushing on a girl who unexpectedly lit up a cigarette I'd back off, but that's just me.

The fastest un-crush I ever witnessed was in an episode of NCIS when Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, a boy in men's clothing who hits on every woman he meets, arranged a date … Read more

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I'm not going to dive into the rights and wrongs of abortions. He has a right to be angry. That is his child as well. I understand you're carrying the child. I put myself in his shoes and I would be upset. You two need to sit down and have a peaceful and long discussion … Read more

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It's important to realize that emotions are reactions and are not cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

It is certainly normal that he might be "mad."  It would also have been normal if he had been "happy," but that would have been a less likely reaction.

What is important now is whether he is interested in any … Read more