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The disadvantage is, not all in school have same beliefs, even though they attend the school.  I feel it is up to the parents to teach religion to their families. Deuteronomy 6:6,7, " These words that I am  commanding you today must be on your heart. And you must inoculate them in your sons and … Read more

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Depends on how the classes are offered.

I think it would be nice to have a class on "World Religions". Teaching an overview of each religion and ways to respect each other.

As far as "Morals" go, it would be more effective as a class in "Objective Ethics". Where Morals tend to be "What we do" . … Read more

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There is a light behind forms. We could call it the life, soul or spirit of form. Whatever its name, it is the essence of things, the inner meaning of things. To read a thing well, is to divine its inner light. In paragraphs, we call it understanding the meaning. In relationships, reading well is … Read more

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It is a Sanskrit word and is used for a teacher. It literally means every teacher but is often used to denote a saint, or a spiritual teacher. The actual denotations mean a person who brings light into darkness or the remover of darkness and hence guru is often used in context to a religious … Read more