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In Southern Louisiana, it is the norm to invite other kids on your family vacations. However, who pays depends on the financial situation. Parents are open enough to talk about the costs; but, most of the time, money is not necessary because kids can sleep in the floor. For me, I usually will ask that … Read more
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Utility Software is essentially what takes care of your computer system. Utility Software consists of but is not limited to the following: Disk cleaner - Finds files that are not in use anymore, or may have never been in use that take up a lot of space on the hard drive. Defragmenter - Locating the … Read more
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Utility is another word for tools. They perform the same function on a computer as spanners and screwdrivers do on mechanical things.
Most often used are :-
Registry cleaners - remove unwanted/obsolete/virus-installed entries from Windows Registry
Registry tweakers - make fine tuning for Registry entries, beyond what Windows normally allows
Performance Monitors - available for checking, … Read more