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I prefer to get my news from online sources and to evaluate them from my personal perspectives. After reading hundreds (and sometimes more than that) of news articles every week for over a decade, it is possible to gain a feel for the manipulation and motives behind news pieces. Sometimes it is obvious when news … Read more

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I've had acute depression at a few times in my life, but there are many different things that make it that way, However I have been with my wife that is bipolar for an even longer time,  even that is another state of mind. In order to even fancy an answer they'd have to be … Read more

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Kayle, just be with your friend. Ask her/him if there is anything that you can do to help them. Depression turns people inside themselves - they try to bury their feelings because it hurts.

If you have an extra spiral notebook, give it to your friend and ask them to journal every day just to … Read more