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Religious people and true beleivers are NOT THE SAME. Come on get a grip somebody. Religion is just a system of rules and regulations. We don't live by rules,we that truly believe, but by the Spirit of God and faith in Him. Yes those who are not religious can cop in life, and I am … Read more
Oktawian Dudkiewicz

It's been proven that nastiness has a trickle down effect. Your nastiness causes others to become nasty as well and so forth.

Remember : Imagine a visual of someone being nasty and pointing a finger at you. Their hand looks posed as if gun- like. While one finger points at you there are three fingers … Read more

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Well, those are all emotional actions and there is no good or bad associated with them.

Here's a broad answer (but remember, throwing a football through my window when I have told you not to play in the yard is less serious than killing my dog by throwing a football at it.) 

But if I feel … Read more