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Though better than Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge still has several issues. I had issues that got so annoying that I eventually had to stop using it. One of those issues being tabs not closing out when exiting the application. I would highly recommmend switching to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. They are far more … Read more

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I am still considering the question and how it was phrased.

There are certainly more Myth Gods then just the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Wiccan . . .the story of Shiva and Raktabija was interesting.

Upon doing some additional "research" There are some very fascinating stories that I will read through. Here's the link - … Read more

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I'm with Normal Nobody on this. I kind of like Loki. He was a bad bugger at times, but he's mischievous too and likes a bit of fun. Just like me. (And I owe him an apology for making him the villain in m novel. I'm sure he was a better person than that.)