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Probably a nice beach house on a sparsely populated island. Nicely appointed with all the great things you need and rid of all the stuff you don't. Right near a nice beach for nice walks and peace and quiet from everyday life. Just myself and my sweet lady. Wouldn't really have to be much, just … Read more

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I, personally, love the mountain view so any mountain home. ^.^

I stayed at a mountain resort in North Carolina in the winter of 2013. Although it was COLD, it had the most breath-taking view I had ever seen. I loved watching the sunrise and the sun kiss the fog-filled mountains at sunset. At night, you … Read more

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The etiology PCOS or poly cystic ovarian syndrome is unknown but it is believed that over androgen production fro the thica cells of the ovaries can cause disturbances of FSH/LH ratio leading to pearl like cyst formation in the ovary. The agent orange is a herbicide used by US Army during Vietnam war. Although it … Read more