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If your credit score has been affected by unfortunate circumstances and you are looking for a small to medium sized loan, there are several opportunities for you to explore.  Loans from micro-finance lenders, unsecured loans from community banks or small institutions, credit lines from non-governmental lenders and debt consolidation are options you may want to … Read more
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I don't remember a time when I didn't know God.  Over the years my beliefs have changed somewhat.  I no longer blindly believe in everything I was taught but my faith is still strong. 

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I was raised agnostic. My mother was Catholic and my father was Jewish (for the record, that makes me unrecognized in both religions). I was baptized, as my mother said, "Just in case."

The teaching of my parents basically consisted on some Children's Bible my mother bought me, Jesus movies (The Greatest Story Ever Told, King … Read more