Carmine Olafson
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Me: Hello?

Telemarketer: Hello, sir. This call is not to sell you anything, but I have a breakthrough product that I think you would be interested in purchasing...

I like to let them drabble on about their product and think I'm ready to make a purchase, then tell them I'm not interested. I enjoy waisting their time.

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Carmine Olafson
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Yes, especially when they use links in their question. That just screams SPAM! Really, just click here - I have a great new product for you to try. Oh come on, you know you want to click on the link! Just click right here - all your problems will be solved instantly!

Carmine Olafson
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I say you start flirting was a different guy (make sure the guy knows you don't actually like him, use like your friend or something) and see if the guys get jealous. But you know I don't have a boyfriend so what do I know.