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The last big thing that inspired me was last September 25, 2015.

I crashed a gallery opening of my favorite artist who is still alive. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I decided was worth the great risk that it entailed. I just jumped in with both feet and threw all caution to … Read more

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Nothing wrong with that ! I don't frequent bars much anymore but when I was younger, I didn't think a thing about going by myself to a bar for a drink. Just don't drink and drive and stay safe. I'll still walk down to the Pizza parlor and have a couple of slices and a … Read more

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I haven`t been to one in years, but in this day and age? I wouldnt go alone. Maybe I have read too many true life crime stories, or viewed one too many Criminal Minds episodes. If you choose to go it alone, be careful. There were too many freaks out there when I went, and … Read more