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I think because so many become addicted to their games, and it then becomes a destructive activity .. Not productive.  They can lose traction in 'real life' situations, and become competely compulsive.

Sure it can enhance hand eye co-ordination .. But, it you don't shower, don't work, don't feed yourself nutritional food or engage in other … Read more

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I don't think it's immature! It improves hand eye coordination for one. Many people do very well playing video games for a living. It's a welcome break from the stressors of life....those who find it immature are probably "stuffy" with boring lives.....game on Corey!

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It's a really big assumption to make that she has a black eye so she must be being abused at home. If she comes to school all bruised up on a regular basis, then you could probably assume she's being abused. However, you don't know for sure if she is and if she is, by … Read more