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Corrissa, if that is your likeness I see, then ugly is not a problem for you. You are very lovely indeed. What you are is a target of haters, lesser lights unworthy of your continued concern. Be happy, live your life with a bright smile, you are young and have so much to look forward … Read more

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They are jelous of you. They can't find anything to pick on you for so they say these horrible lies to get you upset. KNOW that you are beautiful and that your friend is a good friend. Also know that after you are out of school chances are you will never see them again.

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Many years ago, the then Leader of the USSR, a man called Nikita Khruschev, pointed to the fact that he had sent Yuri Gagarin into space and no place like "heaven" had been found.

During the same period, the Russians were digging a deep hole in the Earth's crust (so were the Americans, as it … Read more