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If you are going to promote you business then a website is a must. I think yhese points will sure help you in terms of find a right web service provider -
Know your bottom line
Know your cost vs. Value
Identify a solid track record
Know what you want to achieve, be realistic
Know your strategy
Maintain the quality of … Read more

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Reaching out to God has to be done in harmony with God's will and purpose. The bible says at John 4:23,24 ... "God is a spirit and those worship him must worship in spirit and in truth."  We are not allowed to make up things up and call it worship. Our creator has given us … Read more

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I'm not sure that a Catholic would agree that Lent is for us "Reaching for God together."

And I'm not sure that Dark Majiin, an atheist who has rejected Catholicism, has any insight as to how it might be characterized that way.

Personally, I find such a phrase far too general and unrelated to the Catholic take … Read more