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You need to be nice to her, not cold, because how would you feel if you were in her position.  She's trying to become friends with you again, and you're giving her the cold shoulder.  Lay off, man!

Anyway, people don't really like these questions.  You're lucky if people read past "A girl rejected me."

FYI, your … Read more

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Seems pretty old-fashioned to judge interracial relationships; maybe it depends on where you're from, but around here, no one really cares about interracial relationships, they're just considered completely normal.

Sometimes immigrants can be more strict about it, though, for example I have Korean friends and they say their parents are really strict about wanting them … Read more

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone of another ethnicity. Last I heard, we are all human. There is a possibility of cultural conflicts but those can be worked out just like any other conflicts between couples. Go for it!