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Put something the dog really loves my sister use to take her dogs to whataburger here in tx for a doublemeat and cheese. They would act good in the back of the truck because they know what they will get.  Two bites those boxers gobbled up those burgers

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Your heritage is something that was culturally passed down to you.  For me it's Coffee, Beer, Pasties, Work ethic, Independence, Fudge, a funny dialect, and we learn how to deal with 8 month winters.

It';s not something genetic,  I didn't grow into it,  I was raised in it.

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To complete Tyo's comment.

Heritage: Noun:

Property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.

A special or individual possession; an allotted portion.

But i know what this "Heritage" means here! Heritage, Race, Background, ethnicity, descent all and all to me is ♥ The United States of America ♥ am i native ? Am i from Europe ? … Read more