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No, not if they are being shady about it. Private messaging seems under handed. Why not be open about it? It would be a fair action. Then the community would be informed and could decide.

Maybe they only want "select" members. I guess I didn't make the cut. :'(

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I see no one mentioned xylitol. This alcohol sugar is extremely toxic to dogs, much more toxic than the other things mentioned here. 2 grams can be fatal to a 60 pound dog. Its use is spreading but most people, even dog companions, seem to know nothing about it. It is in … Read more

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Whilst it can be very tempting to treat your beloved cat or dog to a treat that you might find tasty, it is important to remember that not all human foods are suitable for animal consumption. Giving your dog or cat simple little treats like chocolate, grapes or even milk can have serious effects on … Read more