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I would ask them, "What are you going to do about it?" Everyone in the free world has a choice on how they are going to live. Some people chose to live the life of a victim. They are living in the pasrt and allowing people to continue to use them. They use the past … Read more

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I've had my fair share. I got my "go to" folder and have these sayings :-

If nothing changes then nothing changes.

I want to be all I am capable of becoming.

Make yourself the main character in your story.

Fall in love with the body you will be sleeping with for the rest of your … Read more

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In general, events cited as "miracles" among religious folk are simply accepted by the devout because it suits the purpose of their faith or -more sinister- meets the agenda of priests and clerics who seek control over them.

There are countless events in human history that defy explanation, crediting favored claims to one's god for … Read more