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They aren't may favorite animal, but I have nothing against them. Have you ever seen one close up? They are BIG! I saw them at Busch Gardens in Tampa. There was a plexiglass  window looking out over their pen. They were hanging out next to the window trying to get in the shade. They weigh … Read more

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Well for some, being knocked up IS like being locked up cuz you can no longer party........

That's not me. I miss feeling the pitter patter of baby kicks some times......... Thanks BLUE LOU! If I end up knocked up again I am blaming YOU! Send the child support check in the mail!


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If you were adequately locked up you'd never be knocked up.

When King Arthur went off to war he called his buddy, Lancelot, and said, "My trusted friend, I'm leaving you the key to Guinevere's chastity girdle. Should the worst happen and I fall on the field of battle, you may remove the thing and … Read more