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My best friends bf kinda shouted in the library one da. He was like oh you like (guys name). And the guy was like wait what! And then he was staring at me for like a week and everytime I looked away or avoided him. NOw he doesn't even look at me and I want … Read more

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In my opinion there is something so attractive about a confident person. A person who knows what they want and they have the guts to act on it in a mindful, polite, respectful manner.

You would like this guy's number? Put on an outfit that makes you feel confident. Nothing ill fitting, tight or shows a … Read more

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Not necessary! I read that money has power.  It can buy fine homes, elegant wardrobes, and dazzling furnishings. It may also buy adulation, compliance, or flattery, even producing a few temporary and obliging friends. But that is about as far as the power of money goes. What we need most, money cannot buy—the love of … Read more