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Stop what you're doing and refocus, In the Heat of an emotional moment, it can be easy to get swept up in the moment of what you're feeling, in other words maybe you just need to walk away and let your mom and yourself cool down.

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A close friend of mine,  I thought she was.  She had a bruise above her eye,  not on it.  I didn't ask her baout it, but later I overheard her talking to another friend. She brought it up and said "Did you see my bruise?"

The other woman says "no, Did (Husband's name) hit you?"

"No, I … Read more

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I don't know anyone currently....unfortunately, I put myself into that category. Not physical as much as emotional and mental abuse. I wasted many years of my life, 17 to be exact, thinking that the things that were happening to me and in my relationship, (I call it a relationship loosely....I can do that now) were … Read more