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Masons? MASONS? Absolutely not. America was settled by the Illuminati and they're still running the show.

And there's proof!

Without their backing, how do you suppose a jac kass like Donald Trump would be leading the Republican charge toward Pennsylvania Avenue?

Even so, your mistake is understandable. After all, the Masons are running the Vatican. … Read more

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I have a HORRIBLE fear of getting lost while driving because I have a really hard time with directions-I honestly think it's some type of learning disability - I can't tell which way is north or west or east or south, I get so confused -so I have to drive by landmarks (meaning recognizing buildings … Read more

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I don't like the sound of motorcycles; when one goes by where I live, I innately wince at it. As a kid I was legitimately afraid of the sound and would start crying if a particularly loud one went by, but even today I have a very visceral reaction to the sound.