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Nowadays, people come up with extraordinary ideas to celebrate the special days of their life. Be it a wedding, reception, birthday or any sort of get-together; hiring a yacht to throw a party is in demand. If you are looking forward to hire a yacht in Mumbai; BuildMyEvent is one of the popular place to … Read more

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I know what I am about to say is a pain.  Rebuild your system.  A long time ago Microsoft recommended you rebuild your systems every 3-6 months.  After you rebuild and install your software (including a good anti-malware program) and all patches, backup your system writing a full disk image. 

I also recommend you install … Read more

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I will recommend that you download and install Advanced System Care from IOBit Technologies. Then, run a full system scan. A full system scan will look for things like junk files, internet security holes, broken or damaged shortcuts, fragmented hard drive/registry, and other similar things. I have used Advanced System Care for years and it … Read more