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As hippy stated it is a person that seems to delight living by the Law (Torah). He asks for enlightenment in the law and understanding in his God's ways.

As far as the Hebrew you see,, if it is what I'm looking at in the NIV, is the Hebrew alphabet.. The NRSV which is the version … Read more

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Too often, stereotypes are way off - or worse - hurtful.

My grandmother was from Finland, and she had brown eyes and brown hair.  Just find what you can enjoy about your neighbor.  If the language barrier is too great, smile, wave and look elsewhere for a friend.

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Where I live there is a lot of Finnish, French, Native American and of course English influence.

It's an incredible waste of time trying to stereotype people because people move around and cultures, genes, and everything diffuses.

Although she may have immigrated,  no doubt Finland is subject to the same diffusion everywhere else is.