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Where I live there is a lot of Finnish, French, Native American and of course English influence.

It's an incredible waste of time trying to stereotype people because people move around and cultures, genes, and everything diffuses.

Although she may have immigrated,  no doubt Finland is subject to the same diffusion everywhere else is.

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I was taught good table manners or I would get a lump on my head ! But I learned my manners from my Mother. I always have good table manners even when I eat by myself, which is most of the time. Now as for my Hound dog ? He doesn't eat, he inhales his … Read more

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I was taught impeccable table manners because my dad was so poor when he was raised he wanted us to have good manners so we would always stand out no matter our position in life, so I will have to say dinner time was a little stressful to say the least.

I have noticed quite … Read more