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Well their Tithes paid off the victims and never held the priests accountable, they were just moved to separate areas of the churches. They were protected, where as the victims between the ages of 3 and 17 were not.  I certainly wouldn't want to support an organisation that defends paedophilia. Let's not forget the abuse … Read more

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(Sorry so long but I have a story about that)

I never thought of that before BUT I do have a story about my best girlfriend and the trouble she is having with her husband and his tithing. He tithes ALL  AT ONE TIME per year, at the end of the year, based on his gross … Read more

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The Oort Cloud extends 13,950,000,000,000 miles from the Sun. Unlike the Kuiper Belt, the comets in the Oort Cloud circle the Sun in every direction. They do not stay on the flat disk. These objects break the rules of the Solar System and create a sphere of comets around the Sun.

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