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Millions of females use tampons, the danger comes when they're not changed frequently.  Ask your coach to talk to your mother, every other girl on your swim team has the same problem.

I would not suggest going in the water with a sanitary pad, I can only think that would result in a soggy unhygienic mess.

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I'm assuming your mother might be (over)concerned about the possibly of "toxic shock syndrome."

You might ask her why she is so concerned about tampons and then go from there.

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Do you have a female coach?  If so, I would talk to her and ask her what other girls do .. Since they all have to deal with this.

As long as you change tampons regularly, you're very safe to use them.  Not sure how old you are .. But you and your Mom and the … Read more

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Is your mother against you using tampons or does she just think they're dangerous? There's nothing dangerous about using tampons, like tiger suggested have a talk with your mother or your coach, trust me you would be much more comfortable using tampons then a sanitary pad which by the way might get waterlogged.

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Have a talk with your mother and the swim coach. Other girls may face the same situation. By the way they aren't dangerous.

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Guys who like you won't be mean; they'll be nice or try to be your friend. So this guy is just a jerk. You should tell him to stop teasing you.

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Just go play tether ball or hopscotch or something and stop worring about boys and what they think if you're only in 6th grade. I wish I could just go play tether ball now . I never liked hopscotch though so I have no idea why I said that . Just never mind about the … Read more